Friday, May 4, 2012

"Previously the only thing named after him was a house cat."

The quote comes from the chambers of Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner.  What is the latest thing named after Judge Posner?  According to ABC news it is a kidney that once belonged to Yale law student Eric Parrie.  Mr. Parrie decided that since he has two healthy kidneys, he ought to give one to someone who did not have any healthy kidneys.  Mr. Parrie decided to name the kidney after Judge Posner.  I think this is an astonishingly generous and brave thing to do (donating the kidney, not naming it after Judge Posner).  Mr. Parrie does not see it that way.  As he put it, "It seemed really silly, almost like arithmetic. I have two, you only need one, and someone else really needs it."

We write a fair number of posts on this blog pointing out when lawyers or judges behave badly.  This one is about someone going above and beyond doing the right thing. 

On a lighter note, I have not named any body parts after a judge.  The obvious choice would be to name one's dominant hand "Learned."  What about you, Mr. Torvik, any body parts named in honor of a member of the judiciary?

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  1. No, none of my body parts are named after a judge. But I do affectionately call one appendage "the gavel."

    My fist, of course.


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