Thursday, June 27, 2013

What will we look like on the Tricentennial?

Mr. Gillette and I have made a solemn oath to live until our great nation's tricentennial in 2076. In that year, I will turn 100 and Mr. Gillette will turn 110—assuming we are able to elude history's greatest monster. Many reader(s)™ have, I assume, wondered how we will look when we are out celebrating 300 years of USA! USA! USA! Slate has a nice story with pictures of some current centenarians. I assume we will look a little better than these folks, thanks to technology, but I would settle for this:

Bart Torvik and Mr. Gillette in 2076


  1. A bold prediction as to our looks. Based on current projections, I will not have that much hair.

  2. Damn. Looks like we're back to living in Huts.

    1. Mr. Torvik believes in a dystopian future.

    2. We will be thankful for the huts after searching thirty years for dry land.


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