Thursday, June 27, 2013

Some advice for the Supreme Court

Now that the Supreme Court is done working until October, perhaps some of the justices will hit the beach for some rest and recreation. If so I hope they read this NPR report on some of the best and worst beaches when it comes to water pollution and the accompanying public health threats like hepatitis, dysentery, and stomach flu. Those threats are also known as the hat trick of a bad vacation.

The beaches to avoid include Avalon Beach and Orange Doheny State Beach in California. Lake Jeorse Park Beach in Indiana, Beachwood Beach in New Jersey,  Ontario Beach in New York, Ashtabula Lakeshore Park in Ohio and Milwaukee South Shore Beach in Wisconsin.  

If they want to go to one of the better beaches, Duluth, Minnesota's 13th Street South Beach is rated among the best beaches according to the report. I've been there and can recommend it. Same-sex marriage becomes legal in Minnesota on August 1, so maybe the justices can plan their trips to Duluth based on how they voted in the DOMA case.

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