Sunday, June 9, 2013

A weighty (yet virtually weightless) issue.

Our Reader(s)™ might be excused for thinking that all Mr. Torvik and I do is discuss weighty matters like D-Day and domestic surveillance. However, as this Conversation™ demonstrates, we occasionally have a lighter touch here at the Gillette-Torvik Blog.

Gillette:  This article suggests a view that bubble bath is unmanly. That is ridiculous, right?

Torvik:  I don't really see that suggestion, but yes that's ridiculous. Now, scented bubble bath….

Gillette:  Isn’t all bubble bath scented? Mr. Bubble has a smell.

Torvik:  Perhaps. But I see a distinction between "scented" and "has a smell." To me "scented" implies manmade, artificial aromas.

Gillette:  Ah. Well bubbles are bubbles in my book. If I smell purty afterwords, so be it.

Torvik:  I have no argument with that.

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