Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jai Alai? Really?

Seth Stevenson at Slate is going to cover the trial of alleged Boston crime figure Whitey Bulger. Mr. Stevenson's coverage begins here. As Mr. Stevenson notes, Mr. Bulger is accused of a number of crimes. One crime called to mind an episode of "Man Men." Mr. Bulger is accused of murdering a businessman in 1981 as part of an attempt to take over the World Jai Alai association. Was there enough money being made in jai alai that alleged mobsters wanted in on the action? I wonder if the defense to that particular charge will be that Mr. Bulger was not stupid enough to believe he could make money on a sport that virtually no one plays, follows, or knows anything about.

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  1. The only thing I know about Jai Alai is that people gamble on it. My understanding is that is kind of like going to the races. Thus, there probably is significant money involved, and a lot of dirty money. I could be wrong about all this, and could even be confusing this with a different sport. But I'm going to stand on my random memories rather than googling this to figure it out.


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