Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tommy Thompson can do more push-ups than you.

Former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson is running for the Wisconsin's United States Senate seat.  I tend to doubt that he will win the Republican nomination because Republicans today really are not interested in furthering the ambitions of career politicians.  Also Governor Thompson is a well-known advocate of government spending money on trains and Wisconsin republicans no longer like trains.

However, I am pretty sure that Governor Thompson can out push-up any of his opponents in the election.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has footage of Governor Thompson dropping and doing 50 push-ups at a reporter's request.  The footage is here.  The story notes that Governor Thompson placed his feat against the wall to get some support.  However, anecdotal evidence (in the form of me doing push-ups with my feet against a wall and not against a wall) suggests that the benefit derived from the wall is less than 10 percent.  At a minimum, Governor Thompson can do 45 unaided push-ups.

To put this in perspective, Governor Thompson, at the age of 70, can do almost double the average number push-ups a 40-year-old man can do according to  If fitness in elected officials is important to you, than maybe Governor Thompson deserves your vote.


  1. That is impressive and surprising. My mental image of Tommy is not the image of a fine physical specimen. I don't think I've done 70 pushups in my entire life, cumulatively.

  2. I'm pretty sure I did 70 pushups in December. Does that count?


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