Friday, August 24, 2012

No sex with zombies in Illinois

As I mentioned earlier today, 19 people were shot last night in Chicago.

Down in Springfield today, Governor Quinn responded in brisk fashion by signing Public Act 097-1072, which outlaws sex with zombies. This will reduce the likelihood that any living Chicagoans will be tempted to have sexual relations with all of the freshly dead Chicagoans, thereby preventing the creation of any half-human, half-zombie creatures.


  1. Techincally, the statute is not limited to zombies. Regular dead people are also covered. I realize that may not be relevant to your larger point.

  2. Correct, but get real—who has sex with regular dead people?

  3. I am surprised that this was not already against the law in Illinois. Was there some scandal or other event that caused the legislature to act now on this issue?

  4. Do you mean something other than the nascent threat of zombies after all the shootings?


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