Tuesday, April 10, 2012

PolitiFact Wisconsin on Wisconsin's "Equal Pay" repeal

The fact-checkers at PolitiFact Wisconsin have been busy shooting down claims by Wisconsin Democrats that Scott Walker and his allies have repealed equal pay protections for women.

First, back on March 12th, PolitiFact addressed Rep. Cory Mason's claim that the bill being repealed ensured "that women cannot get paid less than a man for doing the same job." It charitably labeled that claim "mostly false."

Second, today PolitiFact checked gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Falk's assertion that the repeal makes it so a woman can't do anything about pay discrimination. That claim is labeled "false."

Of course, the Gillette-Torvik Blog has debunked these claims more than once. Indeed, back in February we specifically called out false statements by both Falk and Mason. For some reason, however, Falk and Mason were unchastened by the Blog's reporting. It remains to be seen whether PolitiFact has any more clout.

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