Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Feeling Randa-y

Longtime reader(s) of the blog may recall Judge Rudolph "Hitler Analogy" Randa.

He seems to run an entertaining courtroom. The Proof & Hearsay blog reports his most recent monologue:
As he ran through a convicted pimp's long record of misbehavior last week, a federal judge in Milwaukee got to the fact Sean Patrick owed more than $146,000 in support for 12 children he had by 10 women, who now won't have a father in their lives. 
U.S. District Judge Rudoph T. Randa looked up at Patrick with disgust and a bit of curiosity. 
"How do you satisfy 10 women?" he asked. "I can't even satisfy my wife."
Judge Randa went on to explain that what he meant was merely that he could not keep up with his wife's insatiable desire for bling. He went on:
For God's sake, Hitler conquered an entire continent, but he could barely handle even one part-time girlfriend. He did love his dog, though.

My sources are reporting that I made up portions of this post.

H/t to Mr. Gillette

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  1. I guesss it better to say that one's wife has an insatiable desire for bling instead an insatiable desire for human sacrifice. Some might suggest it is smarter simply to avoid mentioning wives or other female family members when talking to (or about) pimps.


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