Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Judge barred from courthouse


Judge Brim pleaded not guilty to the charges, discussed below, in her first appearance. The Sun-Times reports that her alleged tirade was "racial in nature."

ORIGINAL POST 3/13/2012:

Cook County judge Cynthia Brim has been barred from Cook County court facilities "following separate incidents last week in which she was arrested after allegedly shoving a courthouse deputy and also was ordered to leave her Markham courtroom after launching a lengthy tirade."

Judge Brim is one of many elected Cook County judges that bar groups have been trying to get voters to unseat, but to no avail. Voters basically never vote out a sitting judge in the current system of "retention elections." Unfortunately, this kind of thing is the result.


For background, here are Judge Brim's two most recent evaluations from the Chicago Council of Lawyers:

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  1. I wonder what she said in the tirade.


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