Friday, July 26, 2013

Knucklehead, victim, or both?

Let's close out the week by hearing what Aaron Rodgers thinks about Ryan Braun now. Our previous coverage of Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Braun can be found here, here, and here.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has this report on a press conference during which Mr. Rodgers discussed Mr. Braun.

Mr. Rodgers told the assembled reporters that Mr. Braun repeatedly lied to Mr. Rodgers about whether Mr. Braun was using performance enhancing drugs.  Mr. Rodgers is quoted as saying, that Mr. Braun "looked [Mr. Rodgers] in the eye on multiple occasions and repeatedly denied these allegations and said they were not true."  Mr. Rodgers correctly notes that "it doesn't feel great being lied to," and questions whether the pair will continue to jointly license their names to various restaurants.

Mr. Rodgers apparently was not asked about why he thought Mr. Braun's victory on a technicality during arbitration was a finding that Mr. Braun was "exonerated." Nor was Mr. Rodgers asked why—given that Mr. Rodgers works in a profession where people take performance enhancing drugs—he believed Mr. Braun's protestations of innocence.

While it does not look good for a continued friendship between Mr. Rogers and Mr. Braun, Mr. Rogers did profess a belief in the importance of forgiveness and demonstrated some empathy for Mr. Braun in light of the difficult task facing Mr. Braun as he tries to repair his reputation.

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