Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A different time

The July 12 episode of the Planet Money Podcast presents what it calls a one-page plan to fix global warming. Basically, it describes how a carbon tax could limit carbon usage to acceptable levels. The episode was somewhat infuriating because it did not acknowledge until the very end of of the podcast that a carbon tax would work best if every country did it. To put it mildly, that seems unlikely.  This post is not about that unlikely event.

The podcast began with an excerpt from a speech by President Obama about the need for climate change legislation. The President's speech pointed out a fact that will stun anyone who has even remotely followed the partisan gridlock in Washington D.C. When the Clean Air Act of 1970 passed, it did so unanimously in the Senate and with only one no vote in the House of Representatives. In case you were wondering, both houses of the the 91st Congress had Democratic majorities. The Act was signed into law by a Republican President.

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