Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Is king of latex a desirable nickname?

Continuing our coverage the misadventures of Michigan circuit court judge Wayne McCree (see herehere, here, and here) we report, thanks to, that Judge McCree's judicial misconduct trial has started.  According to the testimony, Judge McCree when presented with a claim that he impregnated his mistress responded by saying he was the "king of latex."  I assume this means that Judge McCree used condoms and not that he dressed like the gimp in Pulp Fiction.

The judge used an expression to describe his ardour for his mistress that I have never heard before.  At one point Judge McCree testified,
I don't want to say the water came to the horse, but I must say she certainly was coming on to me with an ease that surprised me; it thrilled me. Women this young don't talk to me like this. I was flattered and to use the vernacular, maybe my nose got opened up a little bit.
 (emphasis mine).

Judge McCree also testified,
I was vulnerable, but my nose was open I knew what I was doing when I was getting into this relationship. I lusted after this woman... I'm in my middle-50s, she's a couple dozen years my junior and, yes, I was attracted to her. And, as my wife calls me, 'the great accommodator,' I was trying to work with her, trying to help her.  
(emphasis mine)

Urban Dictionary says that open nose refers to being sexually aroused and comes from the 70s. Monday's New York Times had an article questioning whether Courts (and what is this blog if not a court?) should use Urban Dictionary to explain slang so I do not know how reputable a source the website is but this particular usage is consistent with how I interpret Judge McCree's testimony. Despite being alive through junior high in the 1970s, I do not recall ever hearing this expression before. Mr. Torvik, have you ever heard it?

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  1. I suppose it is better than "queen of latex" in most cases.


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