Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hoping for a speedy recovery.

A friend of mine is an obsessive worrier.  If anything good happens to him, he immediately begins to worry about what bad thing might come along and wreck the good times.  I have not directly asked, but I think thing is based on a belief that low follow highs in life the way they seem to with the weather.

My friend will undoubtedly point to David Lillehaug as an example of this.  As we noted back in March, Mr. Lillehaug was recently appointed to the Minnesota Supreme Court.  He is to start his duties as an associate justice on Monday.  A pretty high moment in a person's career, right?  Here comes the low, MinnPost has the story today that Mr. Lillehaug has been diagnosed with throat cancer.  Mr. Lillehaug's statement says that the disease has been caught early and that the treatment will not prevent him from taking a seat on the court or performing his duties ans associate justice.  I hope those things are all true and I hope that Mr. Lillehaug makes a speedy recovery.  Although there is never a good time to be diagnosed with cancer, I imagine that the diagnosis and treatment will take some of the luster off the excitement one normally would feel at starting such a prestigious job.

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