Monday, November 5, 2012

Gillette-Torvik Election Predictions: Torvik

Here's my prediction for the electoral college: Obama, 281; Romney, 257. On the popular vote, I'll take Obama 50.1%, Romney 49%. Reader(s)™ please feel free to share your predictions in the comments.

The FiveThirtyEight blog currently predicts that Obama will get 307.2 electoral votes and 50.6% of the vote. I'll take the under on the electoral college.

My state-by-state map:


  1. I haven't bothered to research it, but I wonder what effect the "legalize weed" referendum in CO is having on turnout? I would have thought that would maybe drive the state blue but it seems that red is driving the early voting... maybe the anti's are still more fired up than the for's

  2. Yeah I dunno. I gifted that one to Romney on a Mormon spillover theory.

  3. Too cumbersome to log on using an iPod. I will take Nate Silver straight up.


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