Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chuck E. Fail

A jury returned a swift GUILTY verdict on Katherine Holmes' "attempted murder for hire" charge yesterday in Judge Fishburn's Criminal Court division here in Nashville, TN.  Reportedly, the jury was only out one and a half hours to make the decision. Stunning.

Ms. Holmes had presented evidence early in the trial that she had performed the role of Chuck E. Cheese in high school. Coincidentally, yours truly has that same claim to fame... and will certainly remember Ms. Holmes' sad example that jurors don't seem to find it too compelling! A sad day for Chuck E.'s everywhere...

The jurors reportedly picked up on a certain cockiness on Ms. Holmes' part during her testimony, and discounted her credibility accordingly. And this without the Judge letting them find out that she was [allegedly] leading a CVS-Ebay shoplifting ring while awaiting trial on the murder charge! (And, btw, while working as loss prevention for CVS...).

Seriously though, a truly disastrous outcome for Ms. Holmes.

Take care, Ms. Holmes. It's a long road ahead at the Tennessee Department of Corrections.


  1. I trust that the Chuck E alumni community will, as usual, come together and survive this temporary indignity.

  2. Bart-

    I have assumed Temporary Dictatorship of the Chuck E. Esteemed Senior Executive committee in order to ensure stability in these troubled times. Only until the People are ready to resume the burdens of the Republic, of course.


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