Monday, September 17, 2012

A Supreme Court pundit promotes his books in the Twin Cities.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has an interview with Supreme Court pundit Jeffrey Toobin.  Mr. Toobin is coming to town to promote his new book.  He is arguably most famous for predicting that Obamacare was doomed after the second day of the Obamacare oral argument back in March.  As we pointed out at the time, this was a ridiculous prediction.  We have also discussed Mr. Toobin's punditry here, here,  here, and here

Despite being spectacularly wrong about Obamacare, Mr. Toobin makes some more predictions for the Star Tribune's readers.  On the one hand, one should admire Mr. Toobin's willingness to get back on the horse that threw him.  On the other hand, one might want to keep in mind that those predictions might not be worth the amount one pays for them.


  1. I assume you will be heading over to St. Paul on the 26th to get an autographed copy of Roberts's Obamacare opinion?

  2. I am not planning to go over there. Doesn't it seem rude to ask him to autograph a symbol of his spectacular blunder?


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