Monday, April 29, 2013

Justice Breyer is very unlucky.

The New York Times reports that Justice Breyer had to have a shoulder replaced on Saturday following a bicycle accident. The article notes that in 2011, Justice Breyer broke his collarbone in a bicycle accident and also punctured his lung in a "bicycle crash" in 1993. I wonder if there is a difference between accident and crash. Does crash suggest intent? Maybe Justice Breyer had so many accidents that the writer wanted to use another word for accident just to break the monotony.

Three bicycle crashes involving broken bones seems like a lot to me. Add in the time that Justice Breyer got robbed by someone wielding a machete, and one might reach the conclusion that Justice Breyer is the victim of some bad luck

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  1. Justice Breyer is a Supreme Court justice. Therefore he is not unlucky. I don't care how many times he drives his bike into a tree, or whatever, he's still a lucky mofo. (He worked at Morrison Foerster, right?)


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