Tuesday, April 2, 2013

E-Filing in Cook County

Cook County is slowly—very, very slowly—adopting electronic filing. So far it is only in Law Division cases, but according to an email I received today from Clerk of Court Dorothy Brown, the e-filing initiative has now  expanded to all kinds of Law Division cases. (For Reader(s)™ not acquainted with the various divisions of the Cook County courts, well, consider yourselves lucky.)

I could say a lot of boring things about e-filing in Cook County. After all, I was a law clerk when the District of Minnesota was implementing e-filing ten years ago. But all I wanted to point out is that the general administrative order attached to Clerk Brown's email gets the whole electronic filing thing off to kind of a rocky start, since it is manually scanned, and the pages were scanned in the wrong order (page 7 is in between pages 3 and 4).

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