Monday, October 22, 2012

Something completely different.

I was in northwest Iowa this weekend and attended mass at Sacred Heart Church in Spencer, Iowa.    As anyone familiar with the Catholic mass knows, there is a part of the first Eucharistic Prayer that  states,

Be pleased to grant her peace, to guard, unite and govern her throughout the whole world, together with your servant Benedict, our Pope and [name] our Bishop, and all those who,, holding to the truth, hand on the catholic and apostolic faith.
In the part that says "[name]" each church uses the first name of the local bishop or archbishop.  In Minneapolis, the name used is John.  So one gets used to hearing the name John in that part of the service.

It turns out that the first name of the bishop serving that part of Iowa has a first name of Walker.  When I heard the priest say, "Walker our Bishop" the part of my brain that holds all the pop-culture references immediately flashed on Walker, Texas Ranger and I thought to myself that Walker, Iowa   Bishop would have been a much different show if Chuck Norris had decided to go that route instead of a cop show.  Perhaps something like Going My Way but with Kung Fu instead of Swinging on a Star.

What do you think Mr. Torvik?  Should we work up a treatment and pitch the show to EWTN? FX?

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