Monday, July 30, 2012

Justice Scalia says he is not cantankerous. So I guess that settles that.

As the writer of a blog, I am willing to concede the point that I am apparently a bit of wonk.  However, I am not such a wonk that I am willing to waste a perfectly good Sunday morning watching "Fox News Sunday."  Happily, however Thomas M. Burton, writer of the Washington Wire, does watch such things (although he apparently gets paid to watch it). 

Anyway, Mr. Burton reports that Justice Scalia was on "Fox News Sunday" yesterday.  As we have noted, Justice Scalia has a book he is trying to sell. 

As is his wont, Justice Scalia dropped a few good lines on his interviewers.  Asked by Chris Wallace if any of the justices felt pressure from President Obama's criticism of the Citizens United decision, Justice Scalia responded, "What can he do to me, or to any of us? We have life tenure.”  Take that people who think Chief Justice Roberts switched his vote on Obamacare because of pressure from the White House.

According to Mr. Burton, when asked about Judge Posner's criticism of Justice Scalia's dissent in this term's  Justice Scalia pointed out "that Judge Posner doesn’t have the power to rule on Supreme Court decisions, whereas he, Justice Scalia, does have the power to decide on rulings by Judge Posner."  From this, I think we can safely conclude that Justice Scalia has been reading our blog.

Finally, as noted in the title to this post, Justice Scalia pointed out that he is "not cantankerous."  No word on whether Justice Scalia is speaking for the majority or the minority of the Supreme Court on the issue.

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