Monday, March 19, 2012

It never ends at the Wisconsin Supreme Court

Back in August, Mr. Torvik and I each reported on the fact that a special prosecutor investigating the melee between Wisconsin Supreme Court justices David Prosser and Ann Walsh Bradley decided that no criminal charges will be filed. At the time I wrote "One would hope that this decision would allow the justices on the court to stop regularly embarrassing itself."  I was apparently wrong.

As the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism reported on Friday. the Wisconsin Judicial Commission today filed a complaint against state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser over that incident as well as Justice Prosser calling Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson a "total bitch."  The complaint is here

Interestingly, according to paragraph 13 of the Complaint, Justice Prosser essentially admitted that he touched Justice Bradley's neck. However, Justice Prosser denies that he intended to touch Justice Bradley's neck.  Justice Prosser says his actions were a "total reflex."  Justice Prosser has previously admitted that he called Chief Justice Abraham the name in question.  Since the Wisconsin Supreme Court is the court that hears these complaints, I guess Justice Prosser's coworkers will decide if he is right.

I will let Mr. Torvik inform us whether Justice Prosser's actions actually violate Wisconsin's code of judicial conduct or whether the commission is not, to quote Justice Prosser, "interested in discerning the truth.  It [the commission] has been committed to making a political statement."  I will just stick to pointing out that Justice Prosser's use of phrases like "total reflex" and "total bitch" make it seem like Wisconsin has somehow ended up with a supreme court justice that talks like someone in a mid-90s stoner comedy.

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