Friday, August 26, 2011

Special prosector attempts to save Wisconsin Supreme Court from itself.

As reported by Bloomberg, the special prosecutor assigned to determine whether criminal charges should be filed as a result of the incident between Wisconsin Supreme Court justices David Prosser and Ann Walsh Bradley, has decided that no criminal charges will be filed. One would hope that this decision would allow the justices on the court to stop regularly embarrassing itself.

However, I think that hope is forlorn. While Justice Prosser didn't respond to press inquiries regarding the decision, Justice Bradley did. Her response to the press was that her focus was on "workplace safety" and that "criminal charges alone would not have addressed our safety in the workplace and the special prosecutor’s decision not to file charges does not resolve the safety issue, either.”

My translation of Justice Bradley's response is that this isn't over. My prediction is that the Wisconsin Supreme Court is going to continue to embarrass itself for the foreseeable future.

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