Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February: Month in Review

February was a good month for this ol' blog. Posts appeared nearly every day, and there was some good discussion, even with another blog. Here are some of the highlights, in case you missed them:
  • Gillette penned the month's most-viewed piece, "A pointless boycot?" about whether poor treatment of Jack Kirby, a famed comic book artist, justifies a boycott of the upcoming Avengers film.
  • Not to be out-nerded, Torvik responded with his own comic book post, about how Marvel is seeking a ruling that X-Men are not humans.
  • Torvik and Gillette also exchanged posts about the rights of non-humans, specifically the most ferocious of sea mammals: ORCA. Gillette argued that it was okay to enslave an orca; Torvik told Gillette to watch his back.

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