Friday, January 6, 2012

LaVar Arrington isn't afraid to take a stand when a stand is needed.

I don't believe that we have posted about the horrific allegations surrounding former Penn State University defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky and the fact that the University, including Joe Paterno, allegedly knew that Mr. Sandusky was sexually assaulting children and took no actions. Those unfamiliar with the story can read about it here.

Former Penn State linebacker LaVar Arrington spoke out yesterday about his feelings of anger and embarrassment regarding the way Penn State is handling things. Mr. Arrington said that he would put "in storage" anything that relates to his time at Penn State. Among Mr. Arrington's possessions are an Alamo MVP trophy and the Butkus Award, an award given to the best linebacker in college football each year.

My first thought on seeing the article was that it was about time that a famous Penn State player criticized the way the University handled the scandal. However, on further review of the article, it turns out that Mr. Arrington is not complaining about how the university is handling the scandal. Instead, Mr. Arrington is upset that Penn State is apparently going to hire a head football coach who has no previous connection with Penn State.

While I understand that every person has a point at which a situation becomes so intolerable that they need to protest, I am not sure that Mr. Arrington was wise in determining what actions by Penn State forced him to stop supporting his alma mater.

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