Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Humor from Justice Ginsberg.

Jess Bravin has posted a text of remarks that Justice Ginsberg recently made to the Otsego County Bar Association. Given that the New York Times reported earlier this year that Justice Ginsberg is, if one discounts Justice Thomas, the least funny Supreme Court justice, one might expect the remarks to be a little dry. However, perhaps in response to Mr. Liptak's reports, Justice Ginsberg opened with plenty of humor.

Specifically, Justice Ginsberg gave her audience a rundown of some questions her colleagues asked at oral argument this year. She also included citations to the various transcripts. Anyway some of the incisive questions posed by members of the highest court in the land included:

1. What did James Madison think of video games?
2. Isn’t evidence always destroyed when marijuana is smoked, isn’t it being burnt up?
3. Does al-Queda know this stuff?
4. Why are you here?
5. Why are we all here?
6. I know your client doesn’t care, but we still have to write an opinion. So what is the answer?
7. Is the snake covered?
8. Where is the 9000-foot cow?
9. What do you think about Satan?

These kinds of questions give a new perspective on why Justice Thomas doesn't speak at oral argument.

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