Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One more and then I'll stop.

I will admit that this is starting to feel like piling on. However, Kenneth Kratz is going out of his way to make me look like a genius.

According to the AP, a third woman has come forward and alleged improper behavior by Mr. Kratz.

The latest allegations are more disturbing than the autopsy date but, arguably, less disturbing than hitting on a domestic abuse victim. Maria Ruskiewicz says that she was prosecuted by Mr. Kratz on a drug charge in 1997. In 2008, after turning her life around, she asked Mr. Kratz for support in seeking a pardon. Ms. Ruskiewicz met with Mr. Kratz and during the meeting, apparently apropos of nothing, he asked her if a boss could have a sexual relationship with a secretary. As an aside, the answer depends on whether the sexual relationship is welcome or unwelcome. A valuable lesson to keep in mind when sending text messages.

In any event, after meeting with Mr. Kratz, Ms. Ruskiewicz sent him a thank you text message. In response, Mr. Kratz began sending her suggestive emails. It is unclear on whether he mentioned he was "the prize." Understandably, Ms. Ruskiewicz was concerned about angering Mr. Kratz, who was critical for her pardon. However, she told him she was not interested and he said he would stop. Chivalry, apparently, is not dead.

All was quiet between the two of them for several months until Mr. Kratz sent her a message asking her to meet in person to discuss "a personal matter." By this time, Ms. Ruskiewicz was in law school and she met with an associate dean to discuss how to handle the situation. They then met with a university lawyer and decided the best course of action was to ignore the message. She also apparently informed an assistant district attorney in Kenosha County, Wisconsin about the text messages while discussing a possible internship. I wonder how that topic came up.

Anyway, I suspect the question now is how many more people have to come forward before this guy realizes that resigning is his best option. My guess, as indicated in the subject line, is one.

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  1. Kudos on your prediction, Mr. Gillette. Very well done.


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