Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I get one more too!

Proof & Hearsay (the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's law blog) has a great scoop on Mr. Kratz:  a link to pictures of his sweet $350,000 house.  (Actually, it sold for $335,000, another sign of Mr. Kratz's fading star, I guess.)  Among many other awesome features, the house includes a "champagne parlor":

Looks like a VIP (Very Imprudent Prize) room to me.  One can only imagine the wild monkey-business that went on in there after late-night trips to the morgue.

All this glamour and glory on the salary of a state government employee!


  1. You neglected to mention the embroidered pillow in pictures 19 and 32.

  2. That must be his middle initial...


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