Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sen. Klobuchar's anecdote about Sen Schumer

Jeffrey Toobin has an interesting profile of Senator Charles Schumer (abstract only) in this week's New Yorker.  It includes the following anecdote from Amy Klobuchar:
A few years ago when Schumer was head of the [Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee], he took a group of Senate candidates, including Amy Klobuchar, now the senior senator from Minnesota, and their families on a bike tour of Brooklyn.  "Chuck has a bullhorn, and he stops in front of his building and announces that he and Iris [his wife] bought their apartment for a hundred and fifty thousand dolars and now it's worth ten times that much," Klobuchar recalled.  "And my twelve-year-old daughter pulled on my jacket and said, 'Mom, if you said that in Minnesota, you'd be in so much trouble.'"
Klobuchar's daughter certainly seems well-versed in Minnesota's cultural tics.  What struck me, though, was her presence on this bike tour with Sen. Schumer.  It reminded me of another anecdote, from a source who shall remain unnamed in this forum.  This person chanced upon Sen. Klobuchar in public, and used the occasion to lobby for a federal judgeship.  But Senator Klobuchar was not alone -- she was with her fifteen-year-old (or so) daughter.  And they were holding hands

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