Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Wait. . . What?

I really want to share my thoughts on the whole United Airlines passenger removal fiasco, and I have a post about human resources that I think will be better than the subject matter implies (a low bar, but a bar nevertheless). But I am pretty busy at work so those will have to wait because I learned something today that captures the attention in a way that those future posts may not.

As described in this Atlas Obscura article, there is an abandoned church in the Magelang Forrest in the Indonesian province of Central Java. The building is noteworthy because it resembles a chicken.

Photo: Punthuk Setumbu

When I saw a link to the Atlas Obscura article, I was hoping that the structure would be some sort of ancient temple. But the structure is not that old.  Instead it was built by Daniel Alamsjah in 1990 after he received a divine message to build a prayer house in the form of a dove. You can read about Mr. Alamsjah here.

So what does this have to do with a lonely little law blog? Nothing really. But I think a lot of people are living through times of high anxiety with respect to current events here in the U.S.A. I, for one, needed the feeling of amazement that learning about Mr. Alamsiah's prayer house inspired in me this evening. Who knows? Maybe our Reader(s)™ could use that feeling too.

What about you, Mr. Torvik? Getting any divine messages I should know about? When we get around to commissioning the Gillette-Torvik Blog Memorial Library, in what shape should we insist it be built?


  1. Interesting.

    I'm picking up a bunch of messages, but divinity currently unconfirmed. Will report back after further research. As far as the shape of the memorial library, hmmm... If we're sticking with the animal kingdom I'm going giraffe, because giraffes are totally ridiculous.

  2. Giraffe is a good choice. I assume the legs and neck will be staircases. I was leaning towards a narwhal.


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