Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Actual proof that kids today have it worse.

Normally when I hear someone talk about how much better children have it today than in previous generations, I think that the speaker is spewing nonsense. But I do not tell the speaker that they are spewing nonsense because I do not have any proof to back up this thought.  Now I have proof.

A snowstorm this week dumped a lot of snow on parts of Minnesota. However, as this Associated Press story notes, not every kid got a snow day just because classes were not being held at various schools. Cathedral High School in St. Cloud, Minnesota conducted classes via iPad and laptop computer. The story quotes the principal as saying, "This is what we will be doing every single snow day going forward." If you listen closely you can hear the sound of anguished cries from Cathedral High students. Suffice to say that I am happy that I grew up when I did because snow days are (or, more accurately, were) all kinds of awesome.

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