Friday, August 22, 2014

"People can't shoot themselves more than once."

At least that is what Pine County, Minnesota Sheriff Robin Cole told the Associated Press in this story about a man who said he accidentally shot himself four times.The man, who was taken to a Duluth, Minnesota hospital, told investigators that his four gunshot wounds were self-inflicted.The story says the investigators did not believe the man and instead arrested his girlfriend on charges of first-degree assault.

I don't know whether the gentleman is telling the truth or not. But if it is true that that his girlfriend shot him and that he didn't want to incriminate his girlfriend, I guess the man deserves some credit for not blaming a completely innocent third-party. What do you think Mr. Torvik? Are the man's actions an example of taking personal responsibility? Are his actions an example of a victim of domestic violence being unwilling to press charges against their abuser? Pine County investigators are still conducting interviews, we can only hope they will get to the bottom of this odd story.

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