Monday, March 18, 2013

Rivalries and rankings

As March Madness descends upon the land, the folks at Extra Mustard have ranked the "coolest person" at all 68 schools playing in the NCAA mens' basketball tournament.  Mr. Torvik and I were left off the list.  The University of Minnesota's coolest person is Ron Pearlman.  Some might find the selection odd given that Bob Dylan attended there.  Or some might find the selection of Mr. Pearlman odd given that Iowa's State's coolest alum is George Washington Carver.  If scientists are cool, then it is hard to see how the coolest person to attend the University of Minnesota is someone other than Norman Borlaug
Getting to a possible Gillette-Torvik grudge match.  Marquette University is represented at #10 by Chris Farley.  Wisconsin makes it to #4 with Butch Vig.  While Mr. Vig is undoubtedly less famous than Mr. Farley, Mr. Vig's connection to Nirvana and Garbage probably makes him cooler.  After all, as Marshall McLuhan pointed out, movies are a hot media rather than a cool one.

The coolest school according to Extra Mustard?  Missouri thanks to Brad Pitt.

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