Thursday, February 14, 2013

A few things Justice Scalia and I have in common

1.  We are both humans alive in the United States in the 21st Century;
2.  We are both inolved in the legal business;
3.  Our first names begin with A;
4.  Our last names end in a vowel;
5.  We belong to the same religion; and
6.  If the ABA Law Journal is correct, neither of us watched President Obama's State of the Union Address.  We differed on the reasons for not watching. I wanted to do a little reading and he thinks the address is a "childish spectacle."  As for not actually attending the speech, Justice Scalia also did not want to "lend dignity" to it by attending.  I did not go because my invitation-I assume-was lost in the mail. 


  1. 7. Neither of you has ever visited my house since I moved to Evanston.

  2. For myself, I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that J. Scalia's absence is what "lends dignity" to any public event.

  3. I bet I visit before Justice Scalia does.


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