Friday, October 7, 2011

Indiana attorneys should still not beat people up.

Back in December, we did a post on Olubunmi Okanlami, the Indiana attorney who was arrested and accused of beating up her boyfriend. Among the oddities of Ms. Okanlami's arrest was that she was wearing two bras at the time of her arrest and was carrying a switchblade in between the two bras.

Recently, Ms. Okanlami was found guilty of two felonies related to the incident (Indiana's online court records don't indicate whether Ms. Okanlami's case was actually tried or whether she entered into a plea agreement. Which ever the case, because Ms. Okanlami of the conviction, Ms. Okanlami will suspended from the practice of law effective in late October. The suspension will last until the Indiana Supreme Court decides on what further discipline, if any, is appropriate for Ms. Okanlami.

Under Rule 23(26) of the Indiana Rules for Admission to the Bar and Discipline of Attorneys, Ms. Okanlami must decline to undertake any new legal matters, notify her clients via certified mail of the suspension, find a new attorney for her clients during the suspension, and file an affidavit saying that she is complying with Rule 23(26). It cannot be any fun to have to do that. On the other hand I suppose her boyfriend didn't enjoy getting beaten up either.

Given the outcome, I think readers are well-advised to follow the advice in our initial post and not beat up their significant others.

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