Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dangerous moves

A while back, I mentioned that until just a few years ago "dancing in the streets" was illegal in Minneapolis.

Apparently, however, dancing in the Jefferson Memorial remains criminal:

More here.

UPDATE:  As the article at notes, these reprobates were at the Jefferson Memorial because of a recent D.C. Circuit case holding that there is no constitutionally protected right to dance in the Jefferson Memorial.  Here's my favorite part of the opinion:
In creating and maintaining the Jefferson Memorial in particular, the government has dedicated a space with a solemn commemorative purpose that is incompatible with the full range of free expression that is permitted in public forums.
Yes, you read that right:  the most powerful appeals court in the land actually wrote that "the Jefferson Memorial [is] . . . a space . . . that is incompatible with the full range of free expression."



  1. I will post a defense of the opinion later. As an aside, when did the DC circuit become the most powerful circuit court in the nation? I am pretty sure the Eighth Circuit can take them.

  2. This honor was bestowed by proclamation at around 10:15 last night, by me.

  3. My favorite part of that video is where the cop asks if there is a leader here? and the guy points to the Jefferson monument. Classic.

  4. this ruling is particularly odd given that the Supremes have held that a funeral is a perfectly fine place to engage in all manner of reprehensible speech. Odd.


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