Saturday, January 15, 2011

Phony lawyer

WGN reports that Tahir Malik, a Skokie, IL man -- and convicted burglar -- has been arrested for falsely posing as a lawyer for some five years.  "No one suspected anything for years because he did everything right -- except obtain a law degree," said Thomas Dart, the Cook County Sheriff.  Indeed, according to the Evanston Patch, many of his clients were happy with his work, which mostly consisted of representing people in traffic court.  More here.

Some thoughts:

1)  The most famous Illinois lawyer -- arguably the most famous lawyer, period -- also did not have a law degree.  Talking about Abraham Lincoln, of course.  Of course he did study the law on his own and was admitted to the Illinois bar. 

2)  Are any of Malik's communications with his former clients protected by the attorney-client privilege?


3)  There's been a lot of talk about the horrible job market for new law graduates -- with the insinuation that law school borders on a scam.  But this convicted felon has apparently been making a go of it as a lawyer without any legal education at all.  I guess his big advantage over the new law graduates is the lack of crushing debt.

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