Friday, December 10, 2010

Bill Clinton is back in the White House

You may have heard that President Obama and former President Clinton staged an impromptu press conference today, after they spent some time chatting about Obama's recent tax-cut compromise with Republicans.  In short:  the Clinton approves.

Here are some random musings:

1)  I love this picture -- does Clinton look like a kid in a candy store or what?

2)  I can't help thinking of Clinton as kind of like the Randy Quaid character in the National Lampoon Vacation movies.  Especially "Christmas Vacation" -- where he shows up in the RV, and just won't leave.  As you can see in the next picture, Obama eventually had to leave because he, you know, had "a thing":

3)  Obligatory:  HIDE THE INTERNS!!!!

4)  This little behind-the-scenes article about the press conference is very West-Wingy.

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