Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I keep forgetting to put titles on my posts.

Let me first say that I am impressed that you do research for these posts.  I just make stuff up.  To wit:

The first thing I thought of when you nominated Ken Griffey Jr. for a judgeship was that he'd be perfect since he known for sleeping on the job.  Then I started wondering about other baseball figures who might be good on the bench.  What about an umpire?  Or is Chief Justice Roberts close enough?  If not, how about Jim Joyce?  I can see it now:  Attorney Gillette has a perfect trial going, but Judge Joyce blows it by overruling a perfectly valid objection to an improper "golden rule" argument at the end of closing arguments...  Attorney Gillette just smiles wistfully, but he knows justice--and history--has been denied.

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